Family-Friendly Fun: 9 Must-Do Activities for Kids on Bainbridge Island


June 11, 2024

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My wife and I both grew up on Bainbridge Island and are incredibly grateful to have been raised in such a gorgeous, safe and family friendly community. Now as parents to two kids, we consider ourselves experts at knowing the public (and secret) spots Bainbridge Island has to offer for families.

Bainbridge is a haven for incredible experiences, activities and views to make lifetime memories with your family. I’ve curated a list of the top nine activities that will keep your little ones entertained while exploring this charming island paradise.

1. Bloedel Reserve: (  Let’s kick off our island adventure with a visit to our absolutely favorite spot on Bainbridge Island, Bloedel Reserve! This must-see 150-acre wonderland offers gardens, forests, and tranquil ponds that will ignite your children’s sense of wonder. After visiting the moss garden, reflection pond and french-inspired grand residence you will feel completely refreshed. Tickets are limited to preserve the tranquil vibe, so I advise reserve your time slot online. (They close Monday and Tuesday, so you may want to plan your trip with this in mind.)

2. Kids Discovery Museum (KiDiMu):  ( Prepare for a day of interactive learning and play at KiDiMu. This hands-on museum is packed with exhibits and activities designed to spark curiosity and creativity in children of all ages. From building blocks to science experiments, your little explorers will have a blast while discovering new worlds.

3. The shops on Winslow Way:  Just a short walk off of the ferry, within easy walking of each other, make sure to hit up both Calico Toy Shoppe (  and Bon Bon Candies ( (Don’t leave without trying the homemade fudge!)  Our kids and their friends are also obsessed with the boba tea at Thuy’s Phó House ( During the summer, hit up the incredible Farmers Market with pastries, flowers and veggies every Saturday morning. 

4. Fay Bainbridge Park: ( Pack a picnic and head to Fay Bainbridge Park for a day of outdoor adventure. With its sandy beach, playgrounds, and stunning views of the Puget Sound, this park is the perfect spot for a family outing. Let the kids build sandcastles, splash in the water, or simply soak up the sun while you relax and unwind.

5. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum (  Delve into the island’s rich history at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum. Through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays, your children will gain a deeper appreciation for the island’s past and the people who shaped its identity.

6. Bay Hay & Feed: ( Get ready for a farm-tastic experience at Bay Hay & Feed. This charming farm store offers a variety of family-friendly activities, including petting zoos, pony rides, and seasonal events. Let your little ones connect with nature and learn about farm life in a fun and engaging way.

7. Fort Ward Park: ( Step back in time and explore the remnants of Fort Ward, a coastal defense fort dating back to World War II. Wander through the historic bunkers, picnic areas, and scenic trails while soaking in breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound.

8. Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center: ( Dive into aquatic fun at the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center. Whether your kids are splashing in the pool, zooming down water slides, or learning to swim, this state-of-the-art facility offers something for everyone to enjoy.

9.Bainbridge Gardens: ( Discover the beauty of Bainbridge Gardens, a local nursery and garden center that’s perfect for family outings. Back  in 1908, Zenhichi Harui came from Japan to Bainbridge and began growing incredible flowers and plants at this little slice of paradise.  Stroll through lush gardens, browse colorful blooms, and pick out plants or something from the incredible gift shop to bring a touch of island charm to your new home. (There is even a little playground structure for the kids to play while you take your time browsing.) 

Happy exploring and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

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